Woody weed controlGorse, Blackberry, Brooms etc. Before starting a control strategy ask yourself this question;  For every dollar you spend what % of treated plants will actually be killed?

Correctly selected and applied herbicide.  Expect 94-98 % Kill. ( Most label info needs to be modified for good results.) It does not matter how big the plants are.  Best results are obtained when plants are actively growing and had no previous work has been done to them. e.g 'reducing the bulk' by various means. This theory, called 'combination method' by the Gorse Task Force, is bull dust. 

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 Sprayed 2006. Photo 2007.   plants left to breakdown.  Photo 2010

Best results are obtained if the plants are actively growing and had no previous work done to them.    It does not matter how big the plants are.


 Expensive, but it does make you feel good. Actually there is very little killed. The bulk of it will regrow and you still have to use herbicides to finish it off.

If you have used a groomer we have a customised, economical, non standard treatment for regrowth.  ( not applicable to every situation.) 

Bulldozers and bobcats.

 An expensive way to purchase years of heartache.

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