Pasture renovation.

 Years of dry seasons have left pastures in poor condition.Many are now dominated by:Bent Grass, Barley Grass, Silver Grass, Onion Grass, Sweet Vernal.Capeweed, Flatweed, Thistles. The list goes on.  Pasture renovation by spraying & direct drilling is very cost effective. Timing is important. Spray early when weeds are small.

Capeweed, Patto, and other broad leaf weeds. Spray now, mid May(2015) onwards is the time. 

Bent Grass.  For the best results spray in mid to late spring. Lock up paddock and let it grow but don't cut or graze before spraying. Now I know that a paddock of grass, knee high is very tempting to cut or graze, but you have to be strong willed if you want the best result. You could, 48 hours after spaying consider cutting for silage or a short heavy graze could be in order. ( Hard grazing prior to spraying any perennial grass does not give the best result. You need plenty of leaf at spraying) 

 Pasture Topping  is an under utilized control technique that can be used on Bent Grass, Fog Grass, Sweet Vernal and annuals such Barley Grass, Silver Grass.  The object is to prevent seed set. Works best with Bent Grass but not as good with other perennials because they flower over a longer time. Stopping seed set on annuals should,in theory anyway, improve pastures over a couple of seasons. The treatments have minimal effect on clovers which increase in the sward.               

Lucerne.   Growing cereal or fodder crops for a couple of years helps manage weeds prior to sowing Lucerne, partcularly weeds that are not easy to control after sowing. There are many options both pre & post emergence to assist in good weed control in the first year. You do not have to wait until lucerne is 12 months old. For established stands 'winter cleaning'  with Sprayseed & Diuron or Simazine is an established practice but many growers leave it far too late. These products work best as a preventitve. Once plants are beyond genuine seedling stage control begins to fall away. If perinnial grasses get into the Lucerne there are other products and methods available.


Cropping    We do pre & post spraying weed and insect control.

Spot Spraying.  We have the means to treat those hard to get at areas that have persisted for years. Handgun, Micronair, even the humble knapsack. (You be surprised at what can be done with a knapsack if they are set up correctly. However it is the chemical that gets the results. We have an 'off the beaten track' approach in this regard. 

Wendair specials. We have, shall we say, 'customized' control options for; Wild Garlic, Hemlock, Golden Thistle, Horehound, Mignonette, Bridal creeper and one or two others. Give us a call and we'll see if we can come up with a solution.

Want to have a go yourself ?  We help people who are willing to help themselves. You may be able to give us a hand or we can assist with some training or setting up your gear.  Call for details.